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Default ISH #1 2010-11 Role Player

The requirement must be less than 30 minutes played per game and less than 20 starts.

If they have 0 starts they may have any amount of minutes.

For instance James Harden started 5 games and played 26.7 minutes in the regular season but in the playoffs he played 31.6 MPG but started 0 games. This makes him eligible.

Both the regular season and playoffs have to be eligible.

Jason Terry almost makes the cut but played to many minutes and started 10 games in the regular season although he started 0 games in the playoffs.

To start things off I am going to vote for James Harden. Mainly do to his playoff performance.

There are so many good role players...Lets see who will take the number 1 spot!

Vote Update:

James Harden x7
Jamal Crawford x5
Jared Dudley x4
Marcin Gortat x3
Taj Gibson x1
Joel Anthony x1
Haslem x1

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