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Default Deron Williams' 20/7 TBL Stats Translate To 13/2 Euroleague Average

Deron "the GOAT PG of Europe" Williams, who was guaranteed by this entire forum to "average 50/20 in Euroleague"............

Is actually just third in assists and scoring in the TBL (which is about the 8-10 best league in Europe).

He scores less than superstar players like Marcelus Kemp and Darius Washington.

He assists less than superstar players like Mire Chatman and Darius Washington.

Deron "the GOAT in Europe" Williams............who was guaranteed to average 50/20 in Euroleague (a league he does not even play in) by this forum and some even predicted 80/40...........

This guy that is according to this forum, "the best PG in Europe" can't even match Darius Washington in PPG and APG in a crappy league by European standards.

So, if Deron Williams is so "dominant" in Europe as this forum claims he is, then what is Darius Washington in Europe? God?

FYI, Darius Washington in Europe's best level, the Euroleague - pretty much average.

Darius Washington = 23 PPG - 8 APG in TBL

Darius Washington = 13 PPG - 2 APG in Euroleague

Deron Williams = 20 PPG - 7 APG in TBL

That pretty much sums up just how "legendary" Deron Williams would be in Euroelague. Deron Williams is outscored and out assisted in the same league by the guy with the 13/2 Euroleague average.

Of course, since Deron Williams does not actually play in Euroleague, trolls here can keep up with with their fantasy delusions about how he is "destroying Euroleague scrubs".

So basically, Deron William's stats translate to 11 PPG and 2 APG in Euroleague.

"Total domination."


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