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Default Re: Aaron Brooks Signs in China

Originally Posted by verylegit
there moves never make sense. i was really upset at the aaron brooks move as well. seriously, the only player on our team with value is nash but other than that, our players are bench players who at their very peak would struggle to be good role players. its ridiculous. i don't see our team returning to 2005 level in the near future. the only championship this team could ever get is in the D league.

Verylegit, if or when the lockout ends, we are going to be bad for a long time. Nash and Hill are a year older. Gortat has some value outside of Nash along with Dudley and Frye who are solid role players. Josh Childress is over paid and everyone else is in the junk category. Hopefully Gani can translate his successes playing overseas to the NBA. If Brooks stays or goes makes no difference to me. It's going to be a long time before we even think about making a championship run.
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