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Default Re: How do orlando get the players to please Howard?

I think we're best to go after Josh Smith out of those 3. Igudala is in the middle of a 6 yr $80 million dollar contract and if Hedo is staying (who I think Dwight likes) then we'll have 2 SF. Monta would be great but the Warriors are pretty set at the PG/SG position as are the Hawks. Our only chance is maybe they would see Jameer as an upgrade over Heinrich and Ryan Anderson as compensation for Smith. Not sure where we sit on the draft picks side of things but I dont think we have many and maybe some cash concessions. Then send Reddick somewhere and get a 3rd team involved to pass it on to the Hawks. Probably wishful thinking though. Still leaves us thin on the SG side. Maybe have to look at Michael Redd as a free agent depending on how he is feeling, no talk suggests its not too good. Just throwing up ideas.

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