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Default Re: Dirk takes the blame like a good leader should

Here is an interesting fact:

The Suns are 51-16 this year with Amare. Last year at the same point in time, they were 46-21 without him. A 5 game difference. Here is an honest question. Is Amare making that significant of an impact on the team success?

Don't get me wrong. Amare is obviously a greater talent than Diaw. But is it obvious that Amare's return has reduced Diaw's contributions? I remember Diaw in the playoffs last year picking people apart with his post game and jump hooks in the paint. Is it possible that when the game slows down a bit, the Suns miss that finesse?

I may be way off seeing as how I don't watch every Suns game. Just something that I see on the surface.
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