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Default Re: Mirotic MVP highlights

Originally Posted by Go Getter
There are so many "tweeners" out here now that doesn't really matter anymore, lol

I think he'll be fine, everyone said Asik would need to bulk up but it wasn't like he came over here all skin and bones.

We need that shot/offense. Our rebounding should be fine for the foreseeable future.
I know I just hate tweeners. Because they have the body of one and the skillset of the other now. It's unlike the Odom, Darius Miles days lol. When they at least could play both regardless or could play one really effectively despite the lack of height or something. But the more I study basketball, the more I find myself being an old school type of guy.

I thought Asik was perfect, he could use more muscle, but only if he develops his post game more.Or in this case at all. I just think he'll need more muscle for protection. Euroleague post rules are harder than ours anyways, which is so stupid but that's different.

Totally agree about needing that shot and offense. Dude can definitely score and in a variety of ways. Love his game the more I watch it.

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