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Default Re: Demetrius Hudson: A Basketball Story

“Jarrell Hudson” said the Judge. Everyone now turning their attention to a 20 year old black man standing in at 6’4. There was mass confusion as jury members are shuffling in and out of the courtroom as well as family members. As Jarrell sat down waiting to hear the verdict, he looked back to see his little brother Demetrius sitting where he had sat during the entire trial front row first seat. No sign of his mother anywhere that was the story of their lives. He had no expression on his face which frightened him. He glanced back at the Judge. “Mr. Hudson is there anything you would like to say before the verdict is read.” Said the Judge. Jarrell stood up and said “No your honor.” The Judge motioned a jury member to the front of the courtroom. “On the charge of 1st degree murder we the jury find Jarrell Donte Hudson guilty.” This did not shock Demetrius he knew his brother was guilty after the police had came to question him. Jarrell just dropped his head as they lead him into the hallway. The thought of the guilty verdict angered Demetrius. From that day on he would not became another victim to the streets as his mother, father and brother he was destined to make it to the NBA.
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