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Default Re: *insert quarterback* won with a terrible defense.

He doesn't have the stats? He tossed like 5000 yards and 30 touchdowns.

Without as many weapons as the other quarterbacks have.

no he doesn't have "elite stats"...92.9 rating isn't going to cut it...Rodgers is on another planet than Eli with his 122.5 rating

and he DOES have weapons...Nicks and Cruz are the real deal...they are both fantastic WRs...both are arguably top-10 WRs...he is playing with a great WR core

I don't put Eli is that upper class level yet, but he's clearly in the 4-7 range and depending on how this post-season ends, he'll be knocking on that upper elite status or at the very least leading the second tier if he continues his great play.

I agree with that...he can't be "elite" if he isn't in the top teir though...that is what "elite" means...being the best of the best
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