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Default Re: Good start to the season.

Originally Posted by outbreak
True we have had an easyish schedule. I was kind of hoping Turk was under performing because he had joined us mid season last year. Von Wafer been a surprise too, I don't remember him being so explosive on the drive in Boston I've always thought we could use a guard who could actually be a driving threat on their own.

Yep, agreed. Von has been a surprise. He really worries me on the defensive end at the moment, looks all at sea. Hopefully with time, that can be sorted. I think Turk has been really good so far, you could see we missed him badly in the last quarter of the Spurs game. Hopefully he's back tonight Vs the Celtics. I'm looking forward to the next 6-8 games where we'll find out a lot more. I think we're better than people give us credit for. I guess we'll see.
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