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Default Re: Trade idea: by the genius lakerfreak :p

Originally Posted by LA_Showtime
I don't know why anyone would like Darius Morris. I mean the kid tries his best, but it's obvious he's not a true point guard. I can't believe he was compared to Andre Miller. He takes 10-15 seconds to get the offense set up, is a streaky mid range shooter, and tends to over dribble the basketball.

I'm not a fan of his at all........BUT, I'll say this, he is just a rookie......remember Kobe as a rookie chucking up airballs against Utah in the playoffs????
It's way, way too soon to try to label or bash this kid.

Back to the TRADE issue, Last night Kevin Martin scored 31 points on 10 of 21 shooting, Luis Scola scored 15 points on 7 of 12 shooting and Goran Dragic scored 14 points on 5 of 7 shooting.
A total of 60 points on 22 of 40 shooting..........these are the 3 guys Houston wanted to give up plus a #1 pick to get Pau..........Why haven't the Lakers done this deal yet?????n Is Houston still willing to do this deal????

As far as I'm concerned it's time to stop making excuses for Pau.........seems the F.O agrees with me.

LMAO at Pau's latest excuse that he needs to be in the post instead of on the perimeter....dude was wimping out at contact in the post, that is WHY they moved him outside.
The guy's head is completely screwed up......pathetic!!!!

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