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Default Kings hosting the league's best, OKC - primetime game!

Tomorrow evening, TNT (best broadcasting network!) your Sacramento Kings are hosting the vicious OKC Thunder. I can't even remember the last time Sactown had a primetime showing. I was checking out the standings awhile ago, and you guys are at 9-16 currently, which honestly, isn't that bad considering LOL.

I'm just glad I get to see them play (on TV, not live). I don't have League Pass, and you never see them on ESPN or TNT. I used to LOVE watching the Kings play back in their glory days against the Lakers in the early 2000's. The Kings should have AT LEAST one championship, we'll just leave it at that before I get angry!

I think the Kings will lose tomorrow night, but I think they'll keep it closer than most would expect.

I'll say:

Thunder - 102
Kings - 94

Good luck!

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