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Default Re: Mass Effect 3 update

Beat demo. Easily best game play of this epic series yet. ME3 has much improved fluidity to combat. I prefer RPG to shooters but the controls just felt so natural (more so than ME or ME2) so the transition to a more action/shooter type game doesn't bother me.

I LOVE the new feature how you can select the style of play to accommodate the type of gamer you are. I chose RPG of course... but for those who like shooters you can make it to where you choose "action" and it shows everything in cut scenes and takes away dialog options.

For those like me who are RPG junkies you can select RPG mode and it will play like the first two ME games where you have complete control over dialog. Some things I noticed in the short demo.

So summed up.... graphics and fluidity of combat are MUCH improved. That's about all I could tell based on the short demo. It's by far going to be the best game of this console generation in my opinion and is absolutely going to be the best Mass Effect game yet.

It's a conclusion I've been waiting anxiously on for 5 years.

BTW guys Mass Effect movie coming late 2012- early 2013! It's going to be based on the first game. I'm so fu**ing pumped!
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