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Default Re: Dunk contest participants announced

Originally Posted by shallehalle
NBA dunk contest needs more PARTICIPANTS
Correct. I'm probably nearing the level of conspiracy theorist with the number of times I've repeated this but:

2000 Dunk Contest
6 Competitors
Real Judges
3 First round dunks per dunker (18 total dunks)
3 Finalists
2 Dunks per finalist (6 dunks in finals)
24 Total dunks

2011 Dunk Contest
4 Competitors
2 First round dunks per dunker (8 total dunks)
2 Finalists
2 Dunks per finalist (4 dunks in finals)
Fan Voted Winner
12 Total dunks

We're getting half the total number of dunks we were seeing just 10 years ago. And here's where I might be in the minority, but even on slams as un-revolutionary as Jerry Stackhouse's 360 in 2000, I enjoy seeing the style each dunker brings to the table. It's not always about every dunker doing something brand new, it's about style, attitude, elevation, sincerity, all of that.

What do we remember about the 2000 contest? Vince Carter, of course. Others will also say they remember Steve Francis and Tracy McGrady. On top of those guys though, Ricky Davis also had quite the performance himself, finishing with a bounce alley-oop reverse between-the-legs dunk. With Vince's appearance, the 2000 contest would always be legendary. But imagine how lame it would have been if there were only four contestants and they were Vince Carter, Larry Hughes, Jerry Stackhouse, and Antawn Jamison (which would have been impossible since Hughes replaced Jamison, but for the sake of making a point ...)? You know what has a high probability of occurring when the NBA limits its competitors to four and lowers the number of dunks? 2010. 2010 has a chance of occurring. To refresh your memories:

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