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Default Re: Going left or right?

1v1 is for fun and which always an

Anyways playing with a team a pick n roll is always better than ISO.

A pick N roll is almost the same thing but you can switch to a defender this is slower than you because ur big is setting the pick. Which means almost any direction you go you have him burned.

Next is if your big that set the screen has his defender try to come out and block your path for a second...If your big man rolls and gets the distance just send him the pass and those are some easy points.

If the player defending you trys to run under the screen....Just pop the 3 ball.

What I like to do is when my teammate sets the screen is to fake the way screen is comming and then crossover the other way giving me a very easy shot with 0 defense.

Pick N roll is the sex.

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