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Default Who do we resign and who walks this offseason

There was a thread in the NBA forum about which lottery team has the brightest future... Maybe the Blazers future isn't THE brightest, but I think we have a chance to build a contender in the near future.

I posted the following in the NBA forum:

Maybe not the brightest future, but the Blazers are in somewhat decent shape. Lot of flexibility this offseason. Too bad our owner sucks.. We really need a GM to form a plan and choose a direction to go in.

The only players under contract next season are:

Lamarcus Aldridge
Wesley Matthews
Luke Babbit
Elliot Williams
Nolan Smith
Kurt Thomas is also under contract next season, but I think he will retire or get waived

Moves we can make:
Team options for Johny Flynn (we might use that one) and Hasheem (no way we do that for almost 6.5 mill!).
Batum, Chris Johnson and Hickson are RFAís and unless they get ridiculous offers we donít let Batum and Hickson walk. Hickson has performed well and has really been playing for a contract (I hope he wants to remain a Blazer).
Resign Rhino Craig Smith. Fan favourite and tremendous hard worker/hustle guy.
Crawford and Shawne Williams have player options. I donít know if Crawford will pick up his, but I think Shawne will (good money for him). Hope we can get rid of Crawford.
Maybe do a sign and trade for Raymond Felton? If we can get a deal done. Or just let him walk.. I want him gone.
Pryzzie might stick for another year, since he just signed with us. Would be great.
2 lottery picks coming in, one from the Nets (will be top 10, is top 3 protected)
Depending on who we resign we get to spend some money on FAís as well.

Where do we go this offseason.. who do we keep and who do we let go?
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