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Default Hawks look good in winning Game 1 vs Celtics

They started fast, their young legs making the Celtics’ more seasoned legs look, well, old. It was part of the Hawks’ plan, to take charge early, to shoot out to a big lead, to impose their will on a team that had been resting its starters in the final days of the regular season.

It worked. And while the Hawks might not have been trying to make a statement - especially to those predicting a series win for the Celtics - a 31-point first quarter surely didn’t hurt as they took Game 1, 83-74.

“A little momentum from the regular season - I think our last few ballgames we came out pretty strong,’’ Hawks forward Joe Johnson said. “That was our main focus tonight. We wanted to come out and set the tone, dictate how we wanted the game to be played. In that first quarter, we did that.’’

That was the plan for the Hawks in the days leading up to Game 1. They wanted that good start, wanted their fans in the game, wanted to show their energy. And the Celtics’ rust might have played into that early.

-- Boston Globe
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