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Default Re: Things are looking bad...

We all knew how great Rose was, now it's time to find out how great our TEAM is.

I'm still optimistic about this season. We can definitely get past the Sixers, and take the Celtics/Hawks to game 7. And with our home crowd at that game, it is possible that we make it to the ECF.

Miami players think they have an easy route to the finals now, and that's exactly the state of mind we need to catch them in to shock them and the world. We already beat them once without Rose, and once with Rose playing probably the worst basketball of his career, so it is possible.

We can still beat them at the glass and swarm them with our defense and turn Lebron and Wade into jump shooters. NBA may not like it, and the refs may favor the Heat as usual, but we would still have a chance. Go Bulls!!
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