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Default Re: So... Wth are we going to do during offseason to make sure this won't happen again?

Originally Posted by Go Getter
No need to really put on a tank job on a team level.

Keep it at the Pax/Gar level.

I would:
  • Sit Rose down for the full year
  • Let Deng play in Olympics to postpone his wrist surgery
  • Keep our current PG situation
  • amnesty Boozer
  • Give Butler, Taj, and Noah expanded offensive duties
  • Hire every German doctor, Voodoo chile, Shaman, Rabbi, Priest, Pastor, Deacon, and well wisher I could find to pray over that left knee!

We don't have to tank, just miss the playoffs.

I would play it so safe, not play to lose, because that messes up our culture, but I'd try to cultivate our younger talents (Asik needs work too) while resting Rose until he is 100% healthy and then some.

Reinsdorf is too cheap to amnesty Boozer with all of those years left on his deal.

Bulls need to call Charlotte and see if they'll take Boozer for their expirings and DJ Augustin. Even if it means giving them back their pick from the Thomas trade.
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