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Default Re: Watson sucks. The Bulls really need a better point guard to fill in for Rose.

Originally Posted by Crystallas
You're comparing our backup PG that makes 3.7m to our all-star that makes 14m? On top of that, may I remind you that Deng's injury had far less effect than Watson's injury. Players don't play with shoulder injuries and hyper extended elbows in the NBA, but that torn ligament is a common injury that players have played through, because it's a clean injury. Apples and oranges.

And Lucas is a streak shooter. He isn't a point guard. He dribbles the damn air out of the ball. I like little johnny, but come on.
Like I said though, injury wasn't the issue, it was just not playing smart. That same 5 foot 11 streaker shooter who normally dribbles air out the ball actually was doing what Watson failed to do all series, feed the hot hand. Certain people would get hot, and while Watson wouldn't notice it, Lucas did and would attempt to get the ball to them. Lucas was constantly feeding Gibson, Boozer, Deng and Noah.

But with Watson, he was very narrow minded. Deng barely got touches when Watson was playing cause watson never fed him. Boozer would pretty much be the only person that would get the ball, then he'd have to facilitate from inside out, especially when Noah went out.

The reason I'm upset is cause the one thing I thought would be Watson's downfall this postseason was. His hail mary's stoppped falling, didn't attempt to drive the ball in the paint at all, and didn't do a good job getting teammates involved. Being ineffective from injury is one thing, but Watson has been on somewhat of a downward spiral for a while now. And when he originally got injured, he started shooting jumpshots more which is understandable.

But once he showed signs of being healthy again, he stopped doing the one thing that made him very effective for this team, his ability to be a D.Rose lite and penetrate in a similar fashion as Rose. He fell in love with the 3 ball, and it burned him.
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