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I'm really glad the jazz resigned him. First and foremost b/c he is one of the, if not the only, leaders the Jazz have. His on court game really doesn't comand an enourmous amount of respect, but on and off the court all the players listen to him. Secondly, he plays harder than most players in the NBA and is a perfect example of what Solan likes in his players. This is big for the Jazz for those two main reasons. I do agree though that I would have liked to see, and still do, a real outside threat. No doubt Matt can shoot, especially when he's 100%, but he has been a lot streakier in the last two years. I'm hoping that was just his health and, praise Allah, he can be healthy the for an entire season. So here is my BOLD prediction. Not only will the Harpring stay healthly all season, but the Jazz wil make the playoffs and then..........get killed. But step at a time. This is also tied to the hope that they don't trade Boozer for far below his worth which is all they can get for him right now. But I can still see them doing it.
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