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Default Re: Need Some Info On These Prospects.

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
Thanks for responding despite our differences. So basically all of them are pretty good wing prospects who if they work out the kinks can be good starters? I wonder if Clippers will try to trade into the 15-30 range these guys will be in. Bledsoe is too valuable to trade for them.. but wonder if a team will want Mo Williams, Nick Young or future pick for it.

More than likely none of those guys are going to ever be #1 options or even #2 options on a legit playoff team, so I'm not real sure if trading up for them would be worth it unless you didn't have to lose much. Bledsoe would be your best chance, but I don't think he's worth losing to trade up and get any of those guys.

If any of them do, it'll probably be Miller who has the most upside of that group, or Jones if the mental problems don't get in the way, or Ross. And even then, I feel like that's a stretch. I like Jones as a player, quite a bit, but there were times he'd zone out of a game and be a complete non-factor. I don't know if it's just a matter of being a bit immature, or what.

I believe there was some Kevin Durant comparisons being thrown out about Miller coming out of high school, but that may have been a stretch, obviously. He didn't have a bad freshman year, but it may not have been what fans were expecting. Still, the potential is definitely there.

I like Royce White's game a lot. Like Grinder, I think he's a Boris Diaw type player who can maybe even handle point-forward duties. I was really impressed with his natural feel for the game the four or five times I saw him play. There are holes in his game but he's still a pretty complete player.
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