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Default Top 10 players from 2012 draft

im not saying this will be the top 10 of the draft, only that its the best ten (ok 11) players- go ahead and hate but show your list too

1- davis 6-10 pf - too much to bet against
2- mkg 6-7 sf/sg - a for sure, could help any team in the league
3- h barnes 6-8 sf/sg - this isnt marvin williams
4- p jones 6-11 pf - will be alot better in the nba than ncaa/ space on the court will make him a tough cover
5- Drummond/ t robinson - never # 1's but so athletic theyll both be around for a long time
6- J Cunningham 6-4 pg - only athlete to put in a group with Rose/Westbrook, watch him come from "nowhere" to your draft board over the next few weeks
7- T wroten 6-5 pg - pure passing point gaurd, who unlike kendall marshall can finish for himself
8- Royce White- 6-8 pf - undersized and crazy knocks him down in the draft but will jump up once the games start
9- Q miller 6-9 sf- that length and athletisism is perfect at nba sf
10- T ross 6-7 sg- prototype sg, just a notch above the rest of the group of beal, lamb, and rivers who might well fit all between 11 and 15

Tyler zeller and Drew gordon fit in with those other sgs as best of the rest
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