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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by The Macho Man
I thought they cleared him to use TRT? I haven't been following too much.
Here's the story.
Sonnen tested positive for testosterone at a 16.9-to-1 testosterone to epitestosterone ratio. Normal levels are 1-to-1, and allowable levels in most sports, including by the CSAC, is 4-to-1. Sonnen claimed he had a spiked ratio because he took a shot the day before he was tested. The commission has approved testosterone therapy, but only to get levels back to normal levels, not increased levels that would provide for enhanced performance.

In cases of this type that have been approved, it has been because the athlete informed the commission well ahead of time, allowing the commission, the commissionís medical advisers and the fighterís doctor to go through records and examine the case, which didnít happen in this case.

Sonnenís team produced eight tests showing levels at lower than average to average levels, not levels that would indicate performance enhancement qualities. But those tests were not taken at the time of the Silva fight.
Basically he can inject himself with some, but not nearly as much as he did. And there's a fair chance his low-T is the result of past doping.
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