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Default Re: Sideways Rotation on shot

Originally Posted by Underballer
your left hand
Originally Posted by J23
nope, dont use it. its gotta be something with my flick.
I know this is an old thread and the person who posed the initial question is likely long gone, but for anyone else experiencing this problem (sideways rotation), 99 times out of 100 it really is going to be due to the left hand's improper involvement on the shot.

This doesn't mean the left is necessarily participating in the forward push of the ball, but it does likely mean the off-hand is positioned on the ball in a manner that allows the strong arm to set up crookedly, thus creating a sideways counter force against the left hand, which will often result in the aforementioned sideways motion.

The solution would be to:

1) Straighten your shooting arm (elbow in)

2) Follow through directly toward your target (like a catapult launching up, over, and through)

3) Use the left hand only as a guide to keep the ball from falling off your right hand. It is not to play a role in the forward projection of the shot
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