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Default Re: Rumor: Hawks want Gasol for Josh Smith

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
It wasn't just the past season. The season before, Pau Gasol looked bad in the playoffs. His best and last year was when the lakers played the celtics in the finals in 2010 and won the championship. After that, he doesn't seem to have much left.

There's a difference between him being a good third option, or just a player struggling to be comfortable in his role. He wasn't a reliable jumpshooter once the playoffs came around and that was the main thing he could have offered us.

He also can't seem to catch balls down low.

100% of the time, when he went up for a shot down low, he got stripped every single time. Not one time did he get off a good shot. It was almost like all of his moves were predictable. He's not at an age of getting better. That is why he is done.

This league has become an athleticism league, with the thunder and the heat taking the finals stage. If we don't improve to become athletic, we won't have a chance.

trading pau is not about his skills...there is not a single guy who can match his skills...its about what option he is and how much we are paying him

he is 6/7th highest paid guy and he is 3rd option on the lakers...this is the main reason lakers are trading him...atleast get some better players and solidfy that pathetic bench we have
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