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Default Assuming no more deals predict the final 15 man roster.

Currently under contract: (13)
Will Bynum
Austin Daye
Andre Drummond
Jonas Jerebko
Brandon Knight
Corey Maggette
Greg Monroe
Tayshaun Prince
Kyle Singler
Rodney Stuckey
Charlie Villanueva
Kim English
Slava Kravtsov (Rumored)

Free Agents:
Vernon Macklin
Jason Maxiell
Walker Russel
Ben Wallace
Damien Wilkins

Summer League and Draft Picks:
Khris Middleton
Casper Ware
Patrick Richard
Yancy Gates

Personally it doesn't seem like we can expect too much movement. I think the 12 under contract will all still be here. I assume we'll resign Maxiell, and rumor has it Big Ben might be back. I think the rest of the free agents walk. I expect Kim English to win that 15th spot right now, and I could see Yancy Gates making the team if Ben doesn't come back.

I'll leave the starting 5 from last season intact, I don't think Drummond will unseat Maxiell immediately, but if he does Monroe moves to 4.

Maxiell/Jerebko/Daye/Villanueva (Monroe will get playing time here as well.)

Seems like a much larger team then we've had in a while. I'd still like to see Villanueva amnestied/waived/traded and I don't think it makes sense to keep Maggette around either. Getting rid of those guys would free up some playing time for Jerebko, Singler and Daye who I think are going to all bring the energy this season.

Edit (Just read that English got signed, so I moved him to the first section. )

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