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Default Re: Seriously, WTF is the problem here?

Originally Posted by Tenchi Ryu

Kirk is just a straight up better PG and player than Watson.

Belinelli is easily a better player than Korver, only losing to Kyle in shooting (and not even by that much).

And Brewer is also a moot point since Butler is replacing him.

Asik is a better defensive player, but Nazr can actually get us points, which is what we desperately need from the bench. I don't mind sacrificing some of our killer D to be able to score more.

Kirk? Maybe... he's not the same guy anymore. If anything, he's a very minimal upgrade.

Belinelli...not even close. Korver is one of the best pure shooters in the league, he's much smarter and he's better defensively. There are subtle things about the game that Korver understands and the multiply for us ten-fold in the grand scheme of things. He will most definitely be missed.

Um, Nazr sucks...
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