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Post Re: Bulls to sign Marco Belinelli and Nazr Mohammed

Originally Posted by Crystallas
Close. And we have 12 spots filled.

Reports are saying that we are going to sign Malcolm Thomas, which I believe is a 840k minimum salary, because he already has NBA experience. But I didn't include his contract in the field.

Also, the Bulls have the option to file for Rose's contract, where he still gets paid, but the full amount isn't counted against the cap because of his injury. We'll see if the Bulls use this maneuver.

I'm not saying you're wrong, but I just want to know how your salary numbers compare to mine and if I need to change something. I'm guessing it's Rose's value, since that doesn't really seem to be set in stone anywhere.

Derrick Rose - $15,506,632
Carlos Boozer - $15,000,000
Luol Deng - $13,365,000
Joakim Noah - $11,300,000
Richard Hamilton - $5,000,000
Kirk Hinrich - $3,090,000
Taj Gibson - $2,155,811
Marco Belinelli - $2,000,000
Nazr Mohammed - $1,300,000
Jimmy Butler - $1,097,520
Marquis Teague - $1,028,400
Vladimir Radmanovic - $854,839
Total = $71,698,202

I also read somewhere that we need to have a minimum of 13 players signed. Can't find the article again though...
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