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Default Shooting style

I am 5 11 ft (realtively quick, thin and long wingspan) and play mostly SG but sometimes PG. I am having trouble deciding which way I want to shoot during games:

a) Rip:
b) Manu:

I am definitively more accurate when shooting like Manu. The problem is that it takes more time to get the shot of using b). Also one has to fight much harder to create space to get the shot off considering I'm not tall. The problem I have with a) is that it kills my legs (i.e. it is very exhausting to get the shot off) which ultimately lowers my %.

What do you guys suggest I should do? a) or b) or both? Maybe I should use b) when I am open and a) when I think that I might get blocked? Maybe I should hit the gym and work on my legs and stamina? Suggestions?
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