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Originally Posted by niko
Like last year we had the unlock the historical teams. What is the special "mode" this year vs. 12? It's the last year they have the Jordan contract signed for so it would make sense to do something including him.
Ah, gotcha. I don't really have my hopes up because I wasn't sure there was a clear angle for these guys to take after exhausting MJ's greatest games in 2K11 and every legend showdown in 2K12. I mean, they could do specific legend vs. legend games (say, recreating 1995's David Robinson vs. Hakeem Olajuwon showdown) but I think that'd be too similar to the previous mode for them to treat it as something new.

I'd personally be in favor of a mix of the Jordan Challenge and Legends Challenge, where classic games would be played and classic statlines would have to be met. For instance, perhaps one challenge would require users to replicate Reggie Miller's 25 point fourth quarter against New York. Then again, 2K removed statistical goals for 2K12's Legend Mode due to complaints about the difficulty of some of the Jordan Challenges, so I'd be surprised to see them go back to that.

Personally, I was kind of expecting the previous classic teams to just be on the game, period, without any kind of mode running alongside. So at this point, I'd be pleasantly surprised with any cool news on the classic front. I'm also holding out hope that perhaps Jordan will agree to continue his relationship with 2K after his initial contract has run out.
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