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Default The Official trade KG countdown thread

OK here are some key NBA dates:

6th July 2006:
Start of summer league in Las Vegas

12th July 2006:
Free agents can be signed

I'll add the T-Wolves schedule once it is released, and we can count the losses until KG is traded, if he isn't dealt before then.

The best case scenario will be if KG is playing really well, and his team is losing, and Tyrus Thomas shows flashes of potential.

I'm going to subscribe to this, and keep bumping it after every game. It's a little early to make it, but we can have al lthe KG trade talk in here. So put your KG trade ideas in here, and keep them off the main board.

Jeff can you please put any KG trade rumours in this thread please?

Thanks, Ced.
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