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Default Re: Aflallo for Igoudala?

It really was a terrible move. Afflalo would have been able to do everything we asked of Gordon and more (play defense). I'd love to have a rotation today of Knight and Afflalo with Stuckey off the bench, that seems like something Joe would go for too.

The thing is, Denver made out like bandits on this trade (so did the 76ers). A bad pick, Afflalo and being able to unload Al Harrington's contract for a an all-star caliber player? Afflalo is very good, but Denver should have Wilson Chandler coming back this year so they have an all-star and two very competent players in Gallinari/Chandler rotating at the 2/3 with the occasional Miller/Lawson back court. They also just drafted a SG, do they keep him in the deal?

For a small market team, I love what Denver has done. They don't have a go to scorer, but that doesn't matter when Karl is your coach. This team is young, long, athletic and best of all extremely hard working. Is it a championship level team? Absolutely not, but this team can get the 4-6 seed in the west the next few years, and will make every team they play earn their victories. It's too bad they couldn't pick up a low post scorer that can get their own, like Carl Landry or Scola. Do they have the money to sign Millsap next year?

Anyway, we screwed up on that one. I really think it's Joe's worst mistake as GM, because everyone knew Afflalo would at least be a solid rotation guy for his defense alone.
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