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Default 2012-2013 ISH Power Rankings

Rank the teams you think are the best heading into the season from first to last. The criteria is last year's success, off-season acquisitions, player progression or regression, chemistry and overall talent.

I think I'll stop at 75 votes or after a 48 hour period, which ever comes first.

#1: Miami Heat, Why?

- Defending champions
- A lot of talent
- Improved over the summer with the acquisition of Ray Allen
- Hopefully a healthy Wade and Bosh
- LeBron James
- Entering their 3rd season, developed chemistry and role players understanding their role.
- Very good defensive team

I am also thinking of creating a 2012-2013 Prediction Thread, where we'll vote for individual awards, playoff teams/seeding, and eventual champions. But we'll do it in phases, we got 2 months to kill (or a month until pre-season starts). Should be a fun project.

Anyways, lets get this rolling.
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