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Default Re: Deadspin did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with a top Sports PR guy

Couple of other things

He thinks NBA and NFL guys do HGH in high school way more than as pros.

Everyone hates Curt Schilling

Loves working with low-profile Olympic medalists

Basically admits to paying off TMZ when his clients get in trouble.

Hates Michael Phelps

No dirt on Tim Tebow. He is genuine.

2004 Carolina Panthers team was on a shit ton of steroids

Pro athlets generally have a high level of respect for fellow athletes in lower-profile sports.

Pro athletes really care about what is said on Sports Center about them.

A-Rod and David Wright have both ****ed sideline reporters covering their teams.

Jay Cutler is a decent guy.

Does not think highly of Erin Andrews.

Aaron Rodgers is a good guy.
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