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Default Re: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

The game's Story is excellent, hey what do you know a Transformer game with meaning. They took out Co-op but that makes the Campaign more interesting, instead of picking who you want to be like in WFC, the Bots and Cons are set up for you to play with, which is good because now the Chapters are meant for specific characters which makes the Story and game-play greater than the first one.

The graphics are improved from the first one, the cut scenes are great graphic wise, some spotty graphics at times, none the less a good looking game.

Im not a big fan of the weaponry in this game, there are only 8 guns in this game, but I can live with them.
I dont like the melee in this game, they should have added more of a combat system. Wouldn't it be nice to use Optimus's Sword?

Transitioning from Standing to Vehicle form is still fun and the game is easy to use, with nice controls.

Multi-player runs smooth, didn't notice any lag, the community is good so far and the customization adds a lot of depth to your online experience, there are only 4 game modes though, TDM, Conquest, Capture the Flag and Head Hunter mode, every game mode I played it was easy to find people.

Escalation mode, one of my favorite modes till this day is back and with 4 cool Maps. Survive waves of Bots and Decepticons with up to 4 players is awesome.

replay value is there, with blueprints, audio logs to find and Multiplayer and Escalation mode

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