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Default Re: When did you start playing basketball?

Originally Posted by ILLsmak
I played basketball on a team in 4th grade, but I was terrible. I was a sickly child, though, and I was like 80 pounds. Even though I was fast, I could hardly get the ball over the rim.
Ha, yes, good times. I played 3rd and 4th grade basketball in sweatpants. Like you, I was also pretty quick in comparison to my competition. But I was also smart.

For instance, I realized very early on back then that point guards would call plays then mindlessly throw the ball wherever the play dictated. So, as simple as it sounds, I'd just wait for the kid to call a play, turn around, see who was moving upward, then I'd more less walk into the passing lane and steal the ball. Of course, I'd then take off speed dribbling down the court, never slowing down. And then, in lieu of a nice layup, I'd more or less chuck the ball off the backboard, which would have been great if I had Shawn Kemp trailing the play. Instead, it was always a young teammate named Baby Food who was trailing, making monster truck noises the whole way.
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