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Default Re: Sonics items you own?

Originally Posted by RainierBeachPoet
i heard an espn announcer give his "4th grade theory"

the teams that one loved in 4th grade, are the teams that one carries with him into adulthood

Never heard that theory before, but I can agree with the thinking. But to answer defendish's question. Defendish, I have lived in Minnesota pretty much most of my life. We had the Lakers but they moved. My very first NBA game that I ever watched was a tape delayed Sonics game and they were playing at the Kingdome.

Long story short, I fell in love with the colors, the logo (you gotta admit the Seattle skyline with half of a basketball is sweet). The players; Downtown Freddie Brown, Gus "the Wizard" Williams, Jack Sikma, DJ.....I just loved this squad from that first game in '78 on, Even though we have a squad here in Minnesota now, I still cheer for the Sonics like crazy. And when we play each other, I just sit back and enjoy the game.
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