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Default Re: Jose Calderon Takes Time Out For Zambia

Bokes I can understand you wanting to have a clean break with the old players, but I would argue, of all the raps in team history, Jose cares about winning as more than ninety percent of them. He has sacrificed a lot for the franchise. A smooth transition to a backup role for the betterment of the team would solidify Jose as a lifelong raptor. At 16 minutes per game off the bench Jose is, in my mind, the best backup in the league. He will not be such a liability defensively, playing against second units. Imagine we are playing the lakers and he's on the second unit guarding either Steve Blake or Jodi Meeks, no problem. He can even switch and it's still not a mismatch. Offensively Jose will be the best playmaking and shooting backup point in the league. That is a huge area of strength. Across the league, our point guard combo is in the top ten. Lowry can hang with the top point guards and will solidify our defense. Jose is a great change of pace and will make Ross, Amir, lkeiza and Davis so much better, than our next option, John Lucas.
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