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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

i don't even know why DW would come out with this unless it's a sure thing. what if condit beats gsp? gsp hasn't fought in a year and a half. it's just another thing that could cause backlash if condit wins (enter condit taking a dive conspiracies here)....

who even knows what gsp looks like? he's coming off an ACL tear, not a minor knee sprain. that's a serious injury for any athlete and gsp is a guy that relies on his strength, explosiveness and balance. then there's the whole octagon rust thing. guys that haven't fought in a year or more rarely ever look like their former self. he's never fought at MW but we're going to start talking about him taking on the champ?

what happens to diaz vs. gsp potentially? meanwhile, weidman is itching for a fight. don't want to give him silva? fine. give the dude a fight though. he's pretty much said he's ready to go and it's not like he took major damage vs. munoz.

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