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Originally Posted by SourPatchKids
It seems that I'm never 100% healthy, I have always have one or two minor injuries bothering me at any point in time. Woth that said, I'm lucky enough to never have a serious injury that prevented me from playing basketball. It might be in my near future though, I've had multiple minor ankle sprains in my right foot weakening it over time, and they say you haven't played basketball long enough if you haven't had a serious ankle injury. Uh-oh.

I've been playing ever since grade 7 (now 30 yrs old), and have yet to have a "serious" anke injury. I've tweaked both ankles all sorts of ways, but seem to recover in a 2-3 day span with lots of ice and avoiding putting pressure.

The plantar fascitis is the worst thing I've dealt with, and looking back at my high school days, probably should have gotten insoles back then. But the pain was never enough to say I needed to see someone about it. Unfortunately, it seems the long term wear and tear has caused more problems than insoles can resolve. Worst part is that I know I should re-schedule a new appointment since I am once again having pain, but have yet to get one.
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