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Default Re: Lakers invite Reeves Nelson to training camp

Originally Posted by tamaraw08
One of my many weaknesses is the ability to tell if players can really make it good in the NBA.
I saw Nelson play I thought he was pretty good in UCLA, esp his first 2 yrs there. I mean the guy is tough, has decent handles, perimeter and inside moves. Oh did I mention he is tough?

It's a damn tough thing to judge who can and can't make it in the NBA, it takes years of misses to get it right. Even if a guy has all the talent in the world, skill set beyond belief, it doesn't mean he can play in the NBA...or if he does it doesn't mean he will be a star. The mental aspect as much as anything is hugely important, a player has to believe in himself even when no one else does, he has to be coachable but independent, has to be willing to take the heat just as well as take the praise with a level head, HAS TO WORK HARD, has to be comfortable playing with and against the best collection of players of his life, has to move fluidly and have a level of swagger...not Has to have the discipline to stay hungry and dedicated to the sport once the contract is signed for more money than he has ever seen.....and stay free of outside distractions.
So many of these issues have taken extremely talented players right out of the league.
An interesting case is Eddie Jones and Kobe, Eddie had every bit as much talent and athleticism as Kobe but not a drop of the fire and heart.....he had a good NBA career...but was just flat out not a step up guy nor winner, he didn't want the spotlight nor attention. Smush Parker....remember him, Smush was painfully shy to the extreme to the point that when he outplayed Steve Nash down the stretch of a playoff win and all credit went to him, he shut down and couldn't play up to his abilities. I stood with and talked to Smush moments before he was to give a speech at a camp, the guy was about to pass out and kept saying he couldn't do it....he flat out didn't want attention at any point....ok if on a bad team......bad to be a Laker. Roy Tarpley....sensational talent, HOF lock....if only he hadn't become addicted to drugs. Mark Madsen was a freaking BEAST in college at Stanford but shouldn't have been drafted into the NBA, he was way too small and not athletic enough to have a real career at the PF position, this was extremely obvious as I watched him play at Stanford......but one hell of a great person for real
What made Kobe and Michael Jordan great.......they weren't the fastest players ever, not the most athletic, not the best shooters, not the biggest, not the strongest, not the baddest. It was the undeniable determination to win, win at everything, win at all costs, work at all times to be the best and stay the best....along with great physical ability. The greatest player who would've ever lived would be Shaq if he had the mind of Kobe....who the hell could've ever stopped that???? That players would put up 120-130 points eventually. Will that guy ever happen??

Ok......getting really long on this and I could discuss a million players

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