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Default Re: Basketball player diets?

Okie dokey, normally my breakfast ls like a glass of Milo and some fruit, usually peaches. If I tried eating cereal I would throw up. Usually I eat it in the afternoon or an evening snack but I guess you've convinced me enough about processed food. And my coaches told me that the only meat I should be eating is lean chicken and fish, so I alternate between those dinners and pasta dinners. My grandma is having a hard time adjusting as she's used to cooking spicy meats of all different kinds. Also I'm trying to get bigger but eating a lot and doing pushups don't seem to help much. My coaches said to stay off weights cause my body is still growing, and my older friend told me to gain some more meat before trying to turn it into muscle. Besides protein and carbs what else so I need to get bigger? P.S. NotYetGreat, what kind of rice do you like? My family's favorite is this fragrant strain of Thai jasmine rice called Golden Phoenix.
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