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Originally Posted by kkinchen
There is no such thing as too much talent. The Lakers are obviously giving Kobe a dream team as his "going away" present, as his retirement is imminent.

I still think we need to find one more legit small forward. I'm perfect content with the guards and bigs we have. But I'm entirely sold on Metta or Ebanks. I'm wondering if mitch can pull off one more mega deal and get us Josh Smith as our starting small forward.

There absolutely can be too much talent. But only to the point of redundancy.

Do you think that 5 players who shoot 30 shots a game, can somehow come together as one unit?

On the other hand, this roster has talent in every area. We have the second best rebounder (Kevin Love is first to me lol), top scorer, top defender, a top passer, and a guy who can do everything (Pau). Our bench has guys who can score just enough to keep the team ahead until our starters are ready to come back.

So why would we need Barbosa if we have Duhon, Blake, Meeks, Nash, Goudelock, Morris?
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