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Default Re: Hakeem Olajuwon working with Knick players

Originally Posted by Rameek
I hope it works but this is stuff that should have happened over the summer. They all need to learn how to work on both sides of the block and middle.
They were in London. They actually started camp early. The guys have to have some kinda offseason. I mean how do you think Woodsons goatee grows so perfectly. Gotta let that thing rest lol.

I read this article earlier n the stuff Dream was saying needs to be done seem more like thing Woodson has to do moreso than the players. Cohesion is fine n dandy, but ultimately, players are gonna go where you tell them to until a play or set breaks down. If you put the players in bad positions, it doesnt matter how in sync they are. I was pleased to see that Melo had Amare n the guys in PR for a celeb softball game. Too bad it got rained out Good to see that bond building amongst the fellas. Melo also said him n Amare sit around and joke about all the so called tension they supposedly have.
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