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Default Re: THE GREAT DEBATE: Ranking the Greatest Players of All-Time

Originally Posted by Overdrive
Uh, I think you've mistaken what I meant, I wanted to expand your idea, because I think it's a good way to decide the GOAT-list. I just don't like the idea of one person deciding.

So I think there should be one poster for each of the the socalled top 10 GOAT list instead of just you deciding the winner. That doesn't mean if you pick Jlauber to be the Wilt stan, that he cannot present "his" player as #1, totally the opposite actually. It just means that the other 9 guys can take Wilt as their choice, but not Jlauber. That's what I meant by gremium.

That way homer decitions are avoided.

Do you honestly think that even a hand-selected core of experts would value the opinion of jlauber? I'm not buying it. Some users here are more popular than others; people would end up just voting for their favourite ISH members rather than for the most convincing nominations. I personally have no hidden agenda, unlike some members here who write fake obituaries about other members.

As for the teacher stance, no disrespect, but teachers get manipulated by their pupils every day.

Outstanding teachers don't.
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