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Originally Posted by Summit42
There has been so much talk about trading Boozer away. Does anyone have any proof as to why Larry Miller wants him gone so bad? I would think that if Boozer goes this would be Kevin O'Conners "last straw".

It seems to me the front line of Kirlinko, Okur, and Boozer played very well together durning the last 1/4 of the season. I am 100% sure that they would of made the playoffs if all three were healthy. Its just hard for me to understand why the jazz are so willing to abandon this front line.

Now maybe is missing something, like Boozer saying he wants out publicly. Its a known fact that players dont want to be in utah. But Carlos is from Alaska, so he knows all about cold weather. Seems we should try and keeps him here just based on the fact that there are no other PF's in the league that we could get an equal trade for.... that would be willing to play here.

I hope you all agree the last thing the Jazz needs is another streaky shooter like Wally Szerbiak.

I have NEVER once read ANYWHERE that LHM wants Boozer gone... Sure, he called him out last year. But Carlos responded the way LHM wanted him to... Untill the injury...

Boozer will be the Jazz' main scoring option this year. My prediction 23.4 ppg 9.8 rpg
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