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Not airballing my layups anymore
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I understand.. And actually, not many teams have to 7 footers that can run the floor like a SF, and block shots like they do..
But Dalembert just doesn't do it for me.. Can't catch the ball, keeps trying that little turnaround jumper, gives up 12 points a game on goaltending calls per game, then another 6 on defensive 3 second calls, and to top it off, is highly overpaid.. He's been in for a few years now and has still not lived up to his 'supposed' potential.. I'd rather have a big man we could depend on.. To me, Dalembert is nothing more than a higher priced Hunter..

The only hope is, that last year he was too injured to prove himself.. Also, with Webber's defensive flaws, Dalembert did have to play a lot of help defense.. So maybe with time to heal, and then giving Webber less minutes, maybe we could see something different for Dalembert..
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