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Default Re: 2012-2013 English Premier League Thread (La Liga, Serie A, etc.)

Originally Posted by Nick Young

Torres wins Golden boot this summer and now has 5 goals in 10 games (in other words, a .5 goal a game average) and he is "done" apparently XD People so scurred, can't wait to see him rape United this year and avenge his miss. Torres redemption is on the way. Be scurred. Evans and Ferdinand are going to be forced into retirement.

Torres sucks. That goal was man-handling of a CB who shouldn't ever be on the field ahead of Mertesacker (mind-boggling). Torres took him out of the play. That's awful.

Outside of his 2 goal game, Torres has been atrocious. I guess he looked OK against Arsenal. But he does suck.

And about Ramires not being able to play CM...he is a CM, so any of the people who say that should be shot in the face. What he is not is a winger and I never want to see that again. But regardless, Lampard should always start and especially in big games. Di Matteo better watch himself.
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