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Default Re: What do we really expect from the Raptors this year?

Originally Posted by Chamberlain
5th in the Atlantic
12th in the East
25th in the League

Breakout year from Lowry
Disappointing season from DeRozan
Rocky rookie season from Valanciunas, but shows promise
Ross is better than expected
Calderon traded for a terrible return
Bargnani gets his usual 20/6
Davis officially busts
Amir stays the same
Landry Fields better than expected
Lots of Quincy Acy fouls

I know its pretty pessimistic, but that's how I see the season playing out.

Agree with most of this but I think Davis will be ok. He'll get lots of boards and blocks in limited mins. and will learn to get amir johnson type of offence (put backs etc).

Also think your off a little on seeding.

I'd say 10th in East (probably 5th in Atlantic) and 22nd in league.
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