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Default Re: Write it Down: The Fix is In, Tebow to start vs. Colts

Originally Posted by niko
Two weeks before Tebowmania began in Denver, their coach when asked if Orton was his starter said "Orton gives us the best chance to win RIGHT NOW." Upon being asked about Sanchez this week, Rex Ryan word for word said the same thing. Their owner talks about Tebow, but won't call Sanchez by name. "That QB, our QB, the QB".

The Jets in need of O-Line help, receivers and running back depth this offseason drafted Hill (really not read to play) and that was about it. Instead, they traded for Tebow, and sent Sanchez out there with terrible weapons, a terrible line, no running game, and the looming shadow of Tebow and said "IMPROVE!"

To no one's surprise he did not, and now we are in the 2 week gauntlet of death where the Jets are going to get destroyed. Houston will destroy them, Sanchez will get killed (they are going to tee off on him), and Tebow will be brought in to face Indy, who the Jets pass defense can confuse (rookie QB's have trouble with Ryan's defenses). And they'll eek out a win, and that will be that on Mark Sanchez.

Mark's not a great QB, but the Jets set him up to fail. Tebowmania Part 2 begins soon...

It took Rex Ryan 2 yrs to bench the worst right tackle in the NFL, we have a stellar backup running back 3x better than Shonn Greene (Bilal Powell) and Greenes still starting,

Rex does not like change

Are O-Line is FINE its just that Mark has no pocket awareness whatsoever SOMETIMES. He was fine during the dolphins game

Are running game is perfectly average at best. Before we faced the 49ers it was a middle of the pack running game.

We just dont have depth because we just use free agency and drafting for defense. Its coming back to haunt them.

Poor scouting has to do with it also. We draft a lot of busts
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